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By now you all know that we only like to use the best of the best in the salon and with our spray tans it's no different. St Tropez spray tans offer a natural sun-kisssed tan without the harmful and ageing effects of UV rays.

These spray tans last up to a week, although it can vary according to your skin regime and the depth of the spray tan you opt for. The darker the tan the longer the results typically are.

The quick-drying formula enables easy and streak-free application and also provides the skin with ultimate hydration. Not to mention spray tans have instant results and leave you feeling extra confident.

We have 3 options for you to choose from when it comes to spray tanning:

Classic - Gives you a medium tan and needs to stay on for 8 hours.

Extra Dark - The name gives it away but this gives an extra dark tan. Just like the classic this one needs to stay on for 8 hours.

Express - You have a variation of timings with this one, 1 hour is a light tan, 2 hours is a medium like the classic and 3 hour gives you a dark tan.

Throughout June we will be offering £5.00 off our spray tans making them only £20!

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