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Go get your Guinot

Tired of using day creams, night creams and anti-wrinkle creams and not seeing a difference? Keep reading and we'll tell you our teams favourite Guinot products and what they do.


"I absolutely love the Hydra Beaute range for dry skin, I use Guinots Hydra Beaute toning lotion, cleansing milk and moisturiser. I use these products day and night and love the results. My skin feels much smoother and hydrated. Once a week I use the Eclait Parfait exfoliator to remove those dead skin cells and help my skin look brighter. Also for my holidays I wouldn't go away without my travel size Guinot products and SPF"


"Fermete' Firming cream, you can see instant results after just one week of using this cream. I apply this cream morning and night. I love that fact it doesn't feel to heavy on your skin like a lot of other firming creams and you can use it as a day and night cream. My skin feels so much smoother and firmer"


"Night Logic Cream it makes your skin feel fresh and radiant in the morning. Your skin feels soft and hydrated. Chrononight stimulates cell renewal, Esculoside stimulates blood flow and the Hydrocyte Complex hydrates the skin and preserves its youthful appearance"


"Liftsome, firming day and night cream great for lack of tone and weight loss. I couldn’t live without this. Also for a quick fix the Guinot micellaire water it’s smells amazing and my skin feels so clean after"


"I have had quite a few holidays recently so took the Guinot travel size products with me, I love the bioxygene foaming face wash it smells amazing and my face felt so clean after. The mirific anti ageing oil smells so good and after being in the sun you can use it over all your body. For that summer glow hydra finish with SPF 15. Last but not least Hydrazone cream to re hydrate my skin, the travel size products are perfect for holidays but also a great way to try the Guinot products, I will definitely be purchasing these in full size now"

Love Sophie xoxox

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