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The Aftercare Bible PT 2

Lash Lifts & Brow Laminations

Aftercare is not different for your lashes and brows as it is the hair on your head. When we dye and even perm out hair we always follow the hairdressers advice on keep our hair conditioned, so why not when it comes to our lashes and brows?

Both MUST be conditioned, not only for the health of them but also for us to be able to continue doing the treatment on you as we cannot apply perming solution to brittle lashes and brows.

We advise using castor oil once a week to keep their hairs nourished. Apply a small amount (2-3 drops) of oil and rub evenly. The product must be applied at the base of the hair to promote root growth and also at the ends to reduce dryness.


We're all guilty of not using cuticle oil daily and as a nail technician we're guilty of not stressing the importance of using it to our clients. Cuticle oil conditions the cuticles and promotes nail growth and helps strength your nails. Who doesn't want long and healthy nails?

The better condition of your natural nails, the longer the gel and BIAB will last.

We are proud to stock all after care at the salon to get the best out your treatments 🫶🏼

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