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The Beauty Brunch

We just want to start this blog off by saying a big thank you to those who made yesterday possible, from our lovely ladies who spoke and gave all their tips and wisdom and to those who bought a ticket and attended the brunch, it was a huge success!

Jeanine (The Beauty Fix) my co-host who trained lashes back with me in 2016 and has since gone on to advance in further treatments and also become an educator herself. As you know, when you attend a training course we show you how to perform the treatment and you then go on to the world to be a business owner without any real guidance or direction. As much as we'd love to teach you everything about running a business, there just isn't the time and our main focus is learning the treatment.

Our main aim for the beauty brunch was to help you with the business side and to fill you with knowledge and inspiration to go on and create a successful business and not to mention help you network with like minded business people, as we all know being in this industry can be a lonely place!

Courtney, the expert in the social media field covered;

  • How to grow your client base through social media

  • The importance of keeping up with a social media presence

  • Content tips, tricks and ideas that she has personally tried and tested

  • How to take instagram perfect content

Connect with CSS Socials below

Rayanna and Christy from Elite Accountancy (their business name says it all!) These two covered;

  • How to track your income and expenditure

  • The difference between sole traders

  • The pros and cons of being VAT registered

Connect with Elite Accountancy below

I touched on mindset, covering gratitude, positive talk, surrounding yourself with positive people, solution solving and setting clear goals, ending on a high with the importance of showing up for yourself and consistency.

Should we host another Beauty Brunch?


  • No thank you x

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