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Wake up with perfect brows every day

Micro blading is a popular semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that involves the manual deposit of pigment into the skin to enhance and shape the eyebrows. Here are some benefits of microblading:

1. Fuller and Defined Eyebrows: Microblading helps to create fuller and more defined eyebrows. It fills in any gaps, sparse areas, or areas with no hair, giving the appearance of natural, well-groomed brows.

2. Saves Time: With microblading, you don’t need to spend time every day filling in your eyebrows with makeup. The procedure provides long-lasting results, reducing the time spent on your daily beauty routine.

3. Natural-Looking Results: Microblading uses a technique that mimics the look of real eyebrow hair. Rachael our eyebrow specialists will create individual hair-like strokes, giving the eyebrows a natural and realistic appearance.

4. Immediate Results: Unlike some other cosmetic procedures, microblading provides instant results.

5. Long-lasting: Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure, meaning the results can last anywhere from 1 to 3 years, depending on individual factors such as skin type and lifestyle. This saves you from the hassle of daily maintenance.

6. Customisable: Microblading is a highly customisable procedure. Rachael works closely with you to design and shape your eyebrows according to your facial features, preferences, and desired look. This ensures that the final result suits your unique facial structure and enhances your overall appearance.

7. Boosts Confidence: Well-shaped eyebrows can significantly enhance your facial features and improve your overall appearance. Microblading helps to boost self-confidence by providing perfectly shaped and balanced eyebrows.

Rachael is still offering micro blading and your top up for just £180.00

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