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New to the market are our Russian volume easy fanning lashes in 0.05 D curl super easy to fan and resistant to bending. These lashes are super soft and matte black in colour. Easy fan lashes allow you to grab fans directly from the strip resulting in quicker fan creation and quicker treatment time, making easy-fanning lashes the best Russian lashes on the market.

The smaller diameter of the easy fan lashes allows for larger and fluffier fan creation resulting in dramatic Russian volume eyelashes for your clients WITHOUT damaging the natural lash


Available in mixed length trays and single trays 16 rows per tray

0.05 D curl mixed trays length 8mm-14mm


Single trays

10mm single tray, 11mm single tray, 12mm single tray, 13mm single tray, 14mm single tray

Fast Fanning Volume Lashes - 0.05 D Curl

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