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EYELASH Treatments

Enhance the length and thickness of your own natural lashes. Create a fuller more dramatic look without the need of mascara 


Classic eyelash extensions involve attaching a single synthetic lash to each indivudal natural lash. This look provides a more natural look adding length and thickness without an overly dramatic effect. Classic extensions are perfect for those who desire a subtle enhancement and a timeless appearance. 

Full set £50.00

2 week infill £30.00

3 week infill £35.00


Hybrid eyelashes combine both classic and Russian volume eyelash extensions. This technique involves applying a mix of individual sythetic extensions and voluminous fans to each natural eyelash. The result is a look that provides some volume and texture, offering a balance between more natural appearance of classic lashes and the fullness of Russian volume lashes. Hybrid eyelash extensions cater to those seeking a middle ground between subtle and dramatic lash enhancements 

Full set £55.00

2 week infills £30.00

3 week infills £35.00


Russian volume eyelashes also known as volume lashes, involve applying multiple lightweight synthetic extensions to a single natural eyelash. This technique creates a fuller more voluminous look compared to classic extensions. The extensions are alot finer allowing us to create fans of lashes and customise the volume based on our clients preference. Russian volume lashes are popular for achieving a glamorous and lush appearance. 

Full set £65.00

2 weeks infill £35.00

3 weeks infill £40.00


A lash lift is a procedure designed to lift and curl the  natural eyelashes. It involves using a chemical solution to reshape and set the lashes, giving them a lifted appearance that can last several weeks. This treatment is particularly popular for those who want a semi-permanent way to enhance their natural lashes without the need for eyelash extensions or curlers. Lash lifts are often combined with lash tinting for a more defined and dramatic look. 


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