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The Guinot Guide

Do you love the look of our new skincare range but aren't sure which Guinot facial would suit your skin the best? Wonder no more! Follow our guide below to find out which facial your skin needs.

If you've noticed you've started getting a few fine lines and that your complexion has dulled slightly, these are classed as your first signs of ageing. We offer the HYDRADERMIE YOUTH (perfect for younger skin) using thermal energy and dynamic ionisation it helps boosts the skins cellular energy and rejuvenates your complexion.

Have you been neglecting your eye creams and noticed you've got more advanced ageing of the skin? If so, the HYDRADERMIE YOUTH AGE LOGIC is perfect for you. It is specifically designed to target advanced ageing and puts extra focus on eye contour, neck and decollete.

If you're one of those people who doesn't have enough hours in the day but desperately wants to reduce their signs of ageing then the HYDRADERMIE EXPRESS is the one for you. The facial focuses around lymphatic drainage and muscle stimulation restoring a youthful tone to your complexion.

Most of us nowadays want a youthful and firmer appearance but we're unable to wind back the clock and reduce the effects that time has had on our skin. The HYDRADERMIE LIFT stimulates facial muscles using a low frequency microcurrent to produce toning effects giving a firmer youthful appearance.

For those who want an all around age defying facial but also want to feel pampered, the queen of all Guinot treatments has to be the HYDRADERMIE LIFT DELUXE. This uses a combination of the age logic and hydradermie lift for the ultimate lifting effect.

Did you know all our Guinot facials are clinically proven to show results after just one treatment? Book in and we promise to keep the secret of your age defying skin.

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